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Mermaid Club Rules| Strip Rlubs Rules| Lap Dancer Auckland
Club Rules2019-01-09T01:23:09+13:00

Our strip clubs in Auckland and Wellington have a variety of different performance elements, with a central Showgirl Stage.

Surrounding the Showgirl Stage is a dimly lit viewing area with luxury couches and an ample selection of exclusive alcohol, for your enjoyment during the show. However, if you want a change of scene, you can always resign to a private Lap Dance with one of our beautiful dancers. The Mermaid Bar stands uniquely in providing the most personal, one-on-one experience of out of any strip club in New Zealand. For those in search of the perfectly discreet strip club experience, The Mermaid Bar offers the best of the best in regards to everything from our gorgeous women, to our top quality amenities. We work very hard to ensure ultimate privacy, making certain you are free to enjoy your Mermaid Bar experience. Whenever you find yourself in Auckland or Wellington, in search of company with the most beautiful women that you have ever seen, do not hesitate to come see our Mermaids who will listen to you and blow your mind away.